Crackle Cube

Save $10 off the purchase of a Crackle Cube!

The Crackle Cube box is 3D printed in-house. This is great for product adjustments, but sometimes the prints aren't perfect. Buy a Crackle Cube for $10 off just by getting one that is not cosmetically perfect.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The PayPal buttons will only be available when there are discount Cubes available.
  • All of the electronics inside the Crackle Cube are brand new.
  • The minor flaws are cosmetic, not structural.
  • The warranty is the same as the full priced Crackle Cube.
  • Save $10 to buy more fireworks.
  • You won't care about the cosmetics after accidentally knocking it over during a show.

Here are some of the types of cosmetic flaws:

  • Discolored inclusion.
  • The top or bottom texture is not completely smooth.
  • Sides have more pronounced print lines.

Crackle Cube Pro

($10 saving)
$179.95 + $10 Shipping

Crackle Cube

($10 saving)
$139.95 + $10 Shipping