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The Magic of Scripting

Script Pyromusicals Using Your Existing Equipment.

Crackle Cube lets you use your existing cue modules from Bilusocn, PYROBOOM, Happiness Firing Systems, and others to script Pyromusicals. Create your Pyromusicals using the free Crackle Show Creator software. Run your show from any iOS, Android, or Windows PC. Crackle Cube lets you control your cue modules without the need for a bulky control unit.


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NEED LONG RANGE? No problem.

Crackle Cube Pro lets you control your show from over 1,000 feet away. Keep everyone safe with over 400 feet of Wifi distance, and over 600 feet of radio frequency (RF) distance.


Take Your Pyro Skills to the Next Level.

Control over 2000 cues

Use any combination of 4, 6, 12, and 24 cue modules
Connect Via Wifi
Pro has 400+ feet of Wifi range, standard has 100+ feet
Utilizes an External RF Antenna
Over 600 feet of radio frequency (RF) range
Cloud Based Show Syncing Between PC & Mobile Apps
Uses Your Existing RF Equipment

Works with Bilusocn, PYROBOOM, Happiness, and other cue modules
No Need to Buy a New Expensive System
All Software is Free
Quick Scripting of Your Pyromusical
Firework Search
Search for fireworks to add to your stash, including duration
Time Your Shows to 100th of a Second
Rechargeable Battery Lasts Over 12 hours!
Fully charged in 4 hours
Run Your Pyromusical From Your Mobile Device or Windows Laptop
Manually Fire Cues Using Free Apps
Manage Your Stash

Import and Export your stash
Stash Listing, Cue Listing, Cue Labels, etc.
Enjoy Watching the Show You Created
Keep Your Spectators Safe
By using Crackle Cube's range

Bring Fire And Lights

Just Add A DMX Cube

Become even more imaginative with your Pyromusical shows by adding flame projectors, lights, smoke machines, fog machines, etc. Each DMX Cube can handle 512 DMX channels, and multiple DMX Cubes can be used.
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Cue Clips

Secure your Cue Modules

Cue Clips let you secure 4-cue modules to your cake boards and racks. Easily snap in and release modules for quick show set up and clean up. Watch the demo
+$8 Shipping
Contact Us if you need a certain number of Cue Clips.


Crackle Cube starts at only $149.95 + Shipping.

Crackle Cube Pro

$189.95 + $10 Shipping

Crackle Cube

$159.95 SALE! $149.95 + $10 Shipping

DMX Cube

$149.95 + $10 Shipping

Pro Pack

(Crackle Cube Pro + DMX Cube)
$319.95 + $15 Shipping


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