Crackle Cube

Level Up Your Pyromusical

Add DMX Devices To Your Shows

The DMX Cube lets you add flame projectors, lights, smoke machines, fog machines, etc. Anything that can be controlled by the DMX 512 standard can be scripted into your Pyromusicals using the DMX Cube.


Add that extra Wow factor to your shows.

Control Up To 512 DMX Channels

Add more DMX Cubes to expand the number of channels
Use Multiple DMX Cubes
Add more DMX Universes
Connect Via Wifi
Over 400 feet of Wifi range
No Need to Buy a New System

Add DMX without having to buy an expensive new system
Comes with a Free DMX Terminator

Use to keep your DMX communication clean
All Software is Free
Quick Scripting of Your DMX Devices
Use Crackle Show Creator to script DMX devices
Rechargeable Battery Lasts Over 12 hours!
Fully charged in 4 hours

DMX Cube

$149.95 + $10 Shipping

Pro Pack

(Crackle Cube Pro + DMX Cube)
$319.95 + $15 Shipping